New Client Overview

    Thank you for your interest in our Property Management and Leasing services! Our unique and customer service oriented approach to rental property management has positioned us to serve our clients by helping them meet their investment portfolio goals. We manage a select portfolio so that we maintain a quality inventory of properties for our clients and tenants. As accredited members of NARPM, UAA and NAA you can rest assured knowing that your rental property will be looked after by knowledgeable, well trained professionals.

    What is property management and is it right for me?

    When you hire a property management company, as a rental property owner, you are simply hiring an agent to act on your behalf in managing your property. Typically this relationship is defined by both you, as thFfaqe property owner, and the management company signing a management agreement. At ProRenter Property Management we provide services such as advertising your rental, tenant screening, leasing, maintenance management, tenant relations, lease management, rent collection, and much more.

    As a rental property owner you should ask yourself one important question if you are considering self-management. Do I have the time, knowledge, experience, and resources to manage my rental property? Many times owners take on the responsibility of managing their own rental before they understand what it entails. Below are some things to consider before managing your own rental:

    DIY LandlordProRenter
    Do you have the knowledge and resources to properly screen a tenant before you enter into a lease agreement with them?
    Do you have a proper application to collect all necessary tenant information in case collection efforts are ever needed?
    Do you have a solid lease agreement, which has been reviewed by a landlord attorney, and is protective of property owners’ rights in the State of Utah?
    Do you have time to review and update your lease on an annual basis so that it is in compliance with Utah State Statutes?
    Do you have a solid understanding of Local, State, and Federal laws that impact tenant – landlord interactions?
    Do you have time to keep yourself up to date with ever changing laws that impact landlords?
    Do you understand what is required to properly evict a non-paying tenant?
    Do you have an attorney on retainer to file a complaint against a tenant that needs to be evicted?
    Do you have the knowledge and time to handle maintenance repairs or a network of licensed, insured vendors to make sure you are in compliance with your lease and Utah’s Fit Premises Act?
    Do you have the knowledge, time, and resources (software) to accurately track your income and expenses for your rentals, as well as keep an accurate tenant ledger?
    Are you familiar with tenant deposit laws and do you have time to properly document property condition in order to issue a tenant deposit disposition upon move-out?

    If you feel overwhelmed by the list of responsibilities that a landlord must take on when managing their own property, then hiring a professional property management company may be the best option for you. ProRenter Property Management will handle all the details of the day to day management for your rental property so that you can avoid costly mistakes and maximize the return on your investment.

    Can hiring a professional property management company save me money?

    The answer to this questions is a resounding YES. The cost of hiring a management company is far less than the cost associated with the time a do-it-yourself landlord has to invest in order to learn the rental property business. Most do-it-yourself landlords forget that their time has value and there is a lot to learn to become proficient in this business. Just think of the items that will be your responsibility if you decide to self-manage: advertising your rental, answering leasing calls, tenant screening, property inspections, training and licensing, accounting and software, gas and travel, maintenance issues, lease compliance issues, Fit Premises and Fair Housing laws, evictions and this is just the beginning of the list.

    ProRenter Property Management will save you money by providing the knowledge, resources, and experience you need to own a successful rental property!

    Management Services

    What We Manage:

    We manage residential properties.
    • Single Family Homes
    • Condos
    • Townhomes
    • Twin Homes
    • Duplexes
    • 4plexes
    • Multi-Family Apartments

    Where We Manage:

    We manage residential properties in Utah.
    • Davis County
    • Salt Lake County
    • Weber County

    Services We Offer:

    We are a full service property management company.
    • Rental Rate Analysis
    • Comprehensive Advertising
    • Thorough Tenant Screening
    • Leasing and Lease Enforcement
    • Protective Lease Agreement
    • Tenant Move-in/Move-out Inspections
    • Rent Collection
    • Accounting and Monthly Financial Statements
    • Property Maintenance
    • Property Inspections
    • Tenant Relations
    • Online Tenant & Owner Portal
    • Evictions
    • Collections
    • And more

    When you hire ProRenter Property Management you are getting a valued team member who is vested in the success of your rental property. We will use our years of experience and proven systems to give you a competitive edge with your rental business. We make your property our priority by aligning our fees with your interests. We don’t get paid unless your property is rented to a quality tenant and we are collecting rent for you. You will have peace of mind knowing your valuable asset is being managed by a team of professionals with a proven track record of success.

    Outstanding customer service and effective communication are the cornerstones of a successful partnership with our clients. We will give you advice, direction, and explain our processes and procedures to the best of our ability to create a successful working relationship with you. We are prepared to take on the management of your rental property and do not rely on our clients to make every tedious decision that most inexperienced management companies require of their clients. Our clients can rest easy knowing that they have hired a management company that delivers results and is confident in their management systems. Our clients understand and appreciate that they have hired us to manage their property, not assist them in managing their property. Our turnkey style of management is most preferred by property owners who wish to take a more “hands off” role in their rental property and only want to be involved in the most important aspects of the management and leasing of their property. Our Clients stay informed on their property through their online portal, automated notifications, and monthly financial statements. If clients ever need assistance we are available by phone or email.

    As a client of ProRenter Property Management you can expect our devotion to your success! We commit to providing you and your tenants outstanding customer service. We are focused on limiting your liability while maximizing your return on investment. We look forward to earning your trust and your business.


    ProRenter’s aggressive advertising strategy will get the most amount of exposure for your property ensuring that it rents as quickly as possible to a well-qualified tenant.  Your listing will include a video tour of your property that makes it easy for prospective tenants to experience all that your home has to offer.

    As experienced property management professionals we assist you in deciding upon a rental price for your property by conducting a comparative rental analysis.  We will also give you advice and direction on improvements your property may need to attract highly qualified tenants quickly.  Each week that your home is listed for rent you will receive a report detailing the activity on your listing so that we can make adjustments as necessary.

    By following our suggested rental advertising strategy we are confident your vacancy time should average only two to four week, but often properties are rented even quicker.

    Tenant Screening

    Properly screening tenants is the foundation of a successful rental property. Some of the most costly mistakes and issues in property management come from renting to tenants that were not properly vetted. Anyone can rent a property quickly if they have no rental requirements or do not thoroughly screen tenants. Most evictions in property management occur because a landlord or property manager rented to an unqualified tenant. ProRenter’s screening process was designed to minimize our clients’ risk of costly eviction and damage to their property.

    To view our rental requirements click here.

    ProRenter uses a unique and thorough screening process to verify and analyze the following:

    • Credit History
    • Delinquent and Default Accounts
    • Debt-to-Income Ratio
    • Liens & Judgments
    • Rental History (Previous Landlord References)
    • Evictions (Multi-State)
    • National Criminal Background Check
    • Sex Offender Registry
    • Income Verification


    We make lease signing easy and convenient for your tenants! By using Docusign (world leader in electronic document signing), we are able to quickly secure a lease for your property. Whether we are initiating a lease with a new tenant or signing a lease renewal with an existing tenant we handle the entire leasing process for you with your predetermined terms.

    Our lease agreement has been written to minimize your risk as a property owner. It is reviewed regularly by our legal team to ensure it is consistent with changes in state and federal statutes, as well as new case law which may impact your interests. Our goal is to make sure you have maximum protection with our lease agreement.

    Lease agreements with your tenants are enforced as written and we do not enter into verbal agreements with them. All agreements with your tenants are in writing and enforced accordingly. Many landlords and property managers enter into verbal agreements that are contrary to their lease agreements. These actions can open them up to risk and liability which we will not do. We protect our clients through proper lease enforcement.

    Our clients have easy access to their current and past lease agreements through their online owner portal. This makes it convenient for them to get a copy of their lease for any reason. Furthermore, our clients are automatically notified each time a new lease is created in our system and 60 days prior to a lease expiring so they are always well informed on the status of their tenant’s lease.

    Tenant Relations

    Tenants are our mutual customers and we understand the importance of providing great customer service to your tenants. Your tenants will experience the same level of service and respect that you as a property owner will experience in working with ProRenter Property Management. It is our hope that our tenants will become long term tenants for our clients and life-long fans of ProRenter.

    One of the most difficult challenges we face as property managers is to enforce a lease term or policy that a tenant may not like and still have that tenant view us in a positive light. We accomplish this by having consistent policy, empathy and understanding, and taking the time to work through concerns with our tenants.

    Because of the delicate nature of the relationship with tenants we require that our clients not engage in direct communication with their tenant. If there is ever a problem or concern we, as your property manager, are always here to assist you and help maintain a positive relationship with our mutual customer.

    Rent Collection

    We make paying rent easy and convenient for your tenants by providing several options for payment. Tenants can pay rent online through their tenant portal and even set up recurring Auto ePayments; they can mail a physical check to our P.O. Box; or they can make a payment by phone if needed. We’ve found that making it easier for tenants to pay rent dramatically decreases late payments and the need for evictions.

    Rent collection is something we take very serious as it is critical to our mutual success. Remember that our fees are tied to your interests and we don’t get paid unless we have collected your rent. For this reason we have a “zero tolerance” policy for late payments which is consistently enforced. Our lease agreement is quite clear that rent is due on the 1st of each month with a 5 day grace period before any late fees are assessed. On the 6th of each month Tenants are charged an initial late fee with a daily late fee that continues to accumulate until rent and fees are paid in full. On the 7th of each month we post a 3 day pay or vacate notice which gives the tenant until the 10th of the month to become current before involving our legal team. We find that by enforcing the outlined rent collection policy, tenants who are late learn quickly that paying on time is much more cost effective.

    All rents are disbursed to you on the 10th of each month (processing takes 2-3 business days).


    Evictions are not common place at ProRenter as we have implemented screening and rent collection policies that have resulted in eviction rates lower than 1%. However, we are always ready to protect our clients’ interests in the event an eviction becomes necessary.

    When we do evict, our legal team acts quickly to minimize the amount of time a non-paying tenant remains in your property. We understand local eviction laws and our lease and rent collection procedures are structured to support an efficient eviction. We handle the entire process so you don’t have to. If needed, we will even appear in court on your behalf.

    We are so confident in our ability to find well qualified tenants and avoid evictions that if we do have to evict a tenant you are not charged any fees for our eviction services. You are only responsible for paying attorney fees. Many management companies charge an eviction fee above attorney costs and others may charge a flat eviction fee which is usually marked up hundreds of dollars.

    Property Inspections

    There are several types of inspections that we conduct at your property and are included in our standard management fees.

    Tenant Move-in/Move-out Inspections: The purpose of the move-in inspection is to document the condition of your property before the tenant takes occupancy so they can be held responsible for any damage they cause beyond “normal wear and tear”.Before a new tenant moves into your property we conduct a thorough inspection and document our findings in writing and with digital photos.

    After a tenant moves out of the property we conduct another inspection and document our findings in writing and with digital photos. The purpose of the move-out inspection is to document any damage the tenant caused during their tenancy. This inspection also serves as evidence if the tenant disputes any charges in court. The move-out inspection is compared to the tenant’s move-in inspection so that the tenant’s security deposit can be charged for any needed repairs caused by the tenant’s negligence.

    The move-out inspection also gives us the opportunity to inform our clients of any maintenance that needs to be completed to get the property ready for new tenants.

    Vacancy Inspections: These inspections are conducted on a weekly basis whenever your property is vacant. Typically your property will only be vacant when it is between tenants and we are advertising to find a new tenant for you.

    The purpose of the vacancy inspections are to make sure that your property is safe and secure and that it looks good for prospective tenants. If we find any issues at your property while it is vacant we will immediately contact you.

    Optional Inspections: We offer Tenant Occupied Property Inspections twice a year. These inspections are meant to ensure that your tenants are taking proper care of your property and that they are not in violation of their lease agreement. During these inspections we take interior and exterior photos of the property and complete a written report. You will receive a copy of the report and pictures so that you can see the condition of your property. We will follow up with tenants on any lease violations or concerns and take appropriate action to bring them into compliance with their lease if any issues were discovered.

    We also offer an Exterior Inspection once a year during the summer months to ensure that your tenants are properly caring for the yard. This inspection includes exterior photos and a written report of which you will receive a copy. We will also work with the tenants to resolve any yard concerns discovered during the inspection.

    Although these inspections are optional we highly recommend that all of our clients at least sign up for our semi-annual Tenant Occupied Inspections.


    We offer 24 hour emergency maintenance support for our tenants so your property is always protected. Tenants are required to submit any non-emergency maintenance requests online via their tenant portal. When a tenant submits an online maintenance request we are immediately notified by email, as are you. We notify you, as the property owner, so that you can be well informed of any maintenance issues that are going on at your property, but rest assured we will take care of the issue so you don’t have to.

    We only use licensed and insured contractors and vendors to ensure your property is protected and maintained properly. Our network of vendors have been vetted and we know they perform high quality work at an affordable price.


    As part of our management service we provide you a detailed statement each month of all income, expenses, escrowed funds, management fees, and any other items that may impact your account. This information is extremely valuable in determining the success of your investment property portfolio.

    Each January you will receive a consolidated year end statement and 1099 for all rents we have collected on your behalf. These items can be used in preparing your taxes for the previous year. You can also access a history of all your monthly statements via your online owner portal.

    Investment Strategy

    We are happy to offer all of our clients free rental advice and strategy. As property management and real estate professionals, we have the tools and experience to help you in purchasing and managing successful rental properties.

    Our network of real estate professionals can help you find investment properties, secure financing, and handle the property management. Feel free to contact us if you need assistance in evaluating and purchasing rental properties.


    Our fee structure is simple with no hidden fees or upfront costs. Our fee structure is designed to align our interests with those of our clients. That means we don’t get paid unless we are collecting rent for you.

    We are happy to discuss our fees in more detail and provide you a quote for our services after we understand a little bit more about the goals you have for your rental property. For a customized management quote please give us a call or fill out our “Contact Us” form on this page and we will reach out to you.

    Why should I use a property manager to manage my property?

    Primarily landlords hire property managers because they lack the time, knowledge, experience, and resources to manage on their own. Below are some of the most common reasons landlords use a property manager.

    • Landlords value their time and typically have full-time jobs outside of owning rentals that require a majority of their time. As professional property managers we manage rentals full-time and have the time, knowledge, experience, and resources to do it successfully.

    • Landlords generally don’t have the proper resources to protect themselves against costly mistakes. As professionals we have tenant applications, protective lease agreements, accounting software, a legal team, and much more to ensure your exposure to liability is limited.

    • Landlords usually don’t have the necessary knowledge of local, state, and federal laws that affect this business. We are members of several professional organizations and constantly receive training on laws that affect the rental business. We also have a legal team to direct us and make sure the documents we use are in compliance with applicable laws.

    • Landlords generally don’t have time or market knowledge to properly advertise their property and find a tenant. As property managers we have extensive market knowledge and can assist in setting a rental rate that is competitive without leaving rent on the table. We also have access to advertising networks and technology resources that will make your property stand out in an increasingly competitive rental market.

    • Do-it-yourself landlords have to be legal experts, accountants, customer service representatives, leasing agents, and maintenance experts just to name a few hats they must wear in this business. As your property manager, we wear these hats for you so you don’t have to.

    How much rent can I expect to earn for my property?

    There are many factors that help determine what a property’s market value is for monthly rent. Some of these factors include location, condition, amenities, square footage, number of bedrooms, etc. There are other factors which have no bearing on market rent such as owner’s mortgage payment, recently replaced necessities (roof, water heater, furnace, driveway), or sentimental value.

    When we assist you in determining a market rent for your property we will conduct what is called a comparative market analysis. This means that we look at similar properties that are currently listed for rent and based on our industry experience we suggest a rental rate for your property. We do not try and associate a value for each amenity and then establish a rent based on the total of these values. It is always best to keep in mind that the properties in the best condition with a competitive rent will always be leased first. As establishing a rental rate is so critical we will work with you closely to help you set an appropriate and competitive rent for your property.

    We will never give you an inflated rental rate estimate just to earn your business. We are always honest and forthright with our clients. There are many management companies that lure new clients in by promising that they can rent their property for hundreds more than competitors when they know they cannot. They will undoubtedly ask you to lower the rent once it has been listed on the market for a week or so.

    Overpriced rental properties will linger on the market and end up costing you hundreds in vacancy expense. Remember, every day that your property remains vacant you are losing rental income. Rentals that are overpriced typically attract underqualified desperate tenants. Well qualified, savvy tenants will not apply for an overpriced property. Anyone can rent a property quickly without properly screening tenants but they will eventually run into issues of non-payment or severe property damage. We seek to find well qualified tenants that will pay their rent on time and take good care of your property. There are a finite number of qualified tenants which is why having a competitive market rate, aggressive marketing strategy, and above average property condition, is paramount.

    What needs to be done to my property before it is ready to rent?

    The properties with the best condition will attract more highly qualified tenants quicker. For this reason we have established a set of recommended property standards for our clients.

    Click here to view ProRenter’s recommended property standards.

    These standards have been developed to not only attract great tenants, but also limit your liability as a landlord.

    We understand that maintenance budgets can sometimes be tight, which is why we have also established our minimum property requirements. This is the bare minimum we require of our clients so that their properties will be ready to move a new tenant in.

    Click here to view ProRenter’s minimum property requirements.

    You will be required to have the carpets professionally cleaned before a new tenant moves in and the property also must be cleaned according to ProRenter’s cleaning checklist. You are welcome to coordinate cleaning on your own but we highly recommend using our approved cleaning vendors so that we know it is done in compliance with our requirements. Typically you will only incur cleaning costs once when you move out of your property. Moving forward your tenants will be responsible for paying for carpet cleaning and house cleaning as defined in their lease.

    In general your property should be clean both inside and out with a well maintained yard. The interior walls don’t necessarily need brand new paint but paint should not be dirty or dingy and all nail holes should be filled. All personal items should be removed from the house, garage, and or shed. The only exception is if you have some touch up paint you may leave it in the garage or unfinished basement. Windows should have a neutral covering such as blinds but please don’t leave fabric drapes that can trap odor and become dirty over time. Tenants are much more likely to rent your home if they don’t have to furnish their own window coverings for privacy.

    We are happy to offer recommendations and discuss any maintenance that you believe your property may need. We can even get you estimates for any repair work from one of our licensed and insured vendors.

    How long will it take for my property to rent?

    While it is impossible to predict how long it will take any property to rent it typically takes a ProRenter property 2 to 4 weeks to rent. Remember those properties that are in the best condition and are priced competitively will always rent the quickest. This is why we are always happy to discuss your property condition and make recommendations for repairs. We also provide you with a comparative market analysis so you will have confidence in your rental rate.

    We understand that finding a qualified tenant as quickly as possible is important to you. We advertise your property on over 20 local and national websites and include photos and a video tour to ensure prospective tenants can see all that your property has to offer. We make it easy for prospective tenants to get in touch with us and view your property. We answer leasing calls and texts six days a week so that we don’t miss any opportunities to rent your property. We also make it very convenient for prospective tenants to view your property through our secure key box showings.

    Do I get final approval on which tenant rents my property?

    As a real estate brokerage we are required to comply with the Fair Housing Act. This means that we do not discriminate based on any of the protected classes. However, we do make sure that we look at each tenant’s income, credit history, criminal background, and rental history so that we know they can afford to rent your property and will take good care of it.

    Click here to view a copy of our rental requirements for tenants.

    While our application process and rental criteria will determine which tenant will qualify for your property, you will be able to set the terms under which you will rent your property. You will set terms such as: length of the lease term, if you accept pets, and rent amount. Because our rental criteria has been established to give each tenant an equal opportunity to rent your property you will be well protected against claims of discrimination. If a tenant is approved under our rental criteria and is willing to meet your advertised terms, then they will be offered an opportunity to sign a lease agreement.

    While you can determine if you accept pets at your property it is important to understand that at least 50% of all tenants have pets. We typically recommend you allow no more than two pets at your property and we secure an additional $450 pet deposit for each pet.

    In the interest of protecting your investment, our lease agreement prohibits smoking at all of the properties we manage.
    Many clients ask if they can prohibit families with children from renting their home. Children fall under a federally protected class of “familial status” and therefore can’t be discriminated against. Only in specially designated, 55+ communities can children be restricted.

    How much does an eviction cost and how long will it take?

    Evicting a tenant can be difficult and costly if you don’t have experience with the process. The good news for our clients is we have a great legal team and rent collection procedures that make evictions go as smoothly as possible.

    There are essentially two types of evictions: uncontested and contested. An uncontested eviction essentially means the tenant does not disagree with the complaint filed against them in court which explains why they are being evicted. An uncontested eviction can cost between $350 and $550 depending on the circumstances surrounding the eviction. Uncontested evictions typically take 2 to 4 weeks to remove a tenant from your rental property depending on court case load and availability of constables for a lock out. A contested eviction occurs when a tenant responds to a complaint and a judge finds merit in their response. Typically this means that the eviction case goes to trial. Contested evictions can cost up to $2,500 depending on the circumstances of the case. However, we have found that most evictions are resolved without going to trial.

    The important thing to remember is that our tenant screening, lease agreement, and rent collection policies make evictions a very rare occurrence among ProRenter tenants (less than 1%). Also, if you do end up in a position where evicting your tenant is necessary, your pain will not be compounded by additional fees from ProRenter. You are only charged attorney fees for evicting a tenant. Remember we don’t get paid unless we collect rent from your tenants.

    How are tenant security deposits handled?

    ProRenter Property Management requires tenants to pay a security deposit, typically equal to one month’s rent. These funds are held in our property management trust account at America First Credit Union. Utah’s Division of Real Estate requires that we hold security deposits in trust if we are the acting property manager.

    Security deposits are a form of liquidated damages and there are strict laws which we must adhere to as a licensed property management brokerage. Security deposits are typically applied to tenant charges at the end of their lease term upon move out. We have to give the tenant an accounting of their security deposit and refund any portion that is due to them within 30 days of the termination of their tenancy. Utah courts are very protective of tenants’ rights so we make sure we have good evidence of damage or monies owed by a tenant when we charge their security deposit.

    Can I enter my property after it is rented?

    We do not recommend owners enter the property after it has been rented. As your property manager we offer several inspections a year that give you written and photographic documentation of your property. Tenants have the right to “quiet enjoyment” when they lease a property. We have found that conducting inspections too frequently can cause tenants to become unhappy and not want to renew their lease. We typically try and give our tenants 24 hours notice before we enter unless it is an emergency situation.

    If you feel you need to enter the property, we are happy to discuss it with you to make sure we approach the situation properly and in accordance with the lease agreement.

    How much notice does a tenant have to give before they can properly vacate my property?

    Our lease requires that a tenant give a minimum 30 day written notice to vacate prior to the lease end date. If a tenant does give notice we will contact you so that we can make arrangements to get the property into advertising to find a new tenant.

    What does ProRenter Property Management need to begin managing my property?

    Your property manager will assist you throughout the signup process and make sure you complete all necessary steps for us to begin managing your property. Below is a list to summarize what we will need to collect from you to begin the process of managing your property:

    • Executed property management agreement
    • IRS W-9 form
    • Completed Online Owner & Property Information form
    • Keys to the property (2), including mailbox keys, if applicable
    • Garage door openers, if applicable (at least one per garage door)
    • Certificate of Insurance , with ProRenter Property Management LLC as additionally insured
    • Lead Based Paint Form, if property was built prior to 1978

    Will I be charged any startup or account activation fees?

    ProRenter does not charge any type of data entry, startup, or upfront fees. We also do not require that our clients maintain a reserve account with us. Remember our fees are only charged when we collect rent from your tenants.

    If you ask us to perform maintenance at your property before a tenant is paying rent you may need to advance the cost of the repair work to initiate service.

    How do I pay my management fee to ProRenter?

    Your management fee will be deducted from your monthly owner distributions which occur on the 10th of each month.

    Will you pay my monthly bills for me?

    Through our accounting system we can pay most of the monthly bills for your property. Typically these include bills from ProRenter for management fees, maintenance bills (if applicable), and Utility Bills (if you’ve opted for this service). We ask our clients to pay mortgages, insurance, and HOA dues direct.

    Can ProRenter Property Management help me buy or sell investment properties?

    Yes, we work closely with our affiliated real estate company to provide our clients a full service real estate solution. Simply contact your property manager and we will get you in touch with the appropriate real estate sales agent.